Top 70 Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids with pictures

Halloween is the main event for kids  and adults to have fun. On this event the kids and adults wear different types of costumes some kind of spooky and scary costumes to scare other people. Especially the kids enjoy this event the most. Some kids wear sweet small adorable costumes . These costumes make them look amazingly special. Some kids wear very scary spooky costumes and they used to scare other people with ease. Kids crave the pumpkins in different shapes for the Halloween. They light up the craved pumpkins in different shapes. That pumpkin looks so amazing in those shinny lights.

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The trend of trick and treat is very famous in Halloween. The kids went door to door to ask for trick and treat. They demand for candy if they give them the candy they give them treat. If the refuse to give them candy they play trick on them. This trend is very popular and is still going on form ages. This event make us closer to each another by showing divine love to each another. This love removes the confusion from each another . The kids come closer to their elders and also elder start loving their youngsters. The main intention of this event is show love and spread love with each another.

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