70 Best Halloween Lens and Eye Makeup Ideas 2019

I am about to share some information about best Halloween lens and eye make up ideas of 2019. As we know Halloween is all about some scary and spooky stuff, so our maximum intentions are look or show off some scary costumes etc. So every one try his best to look scary and spooky but different form each another. Different people choose different costumes to  show off their spooky stuff in different manner. Here are some scary spooky Halloween lens and eye makeup ideas.

1. The Neon

Halloween Green Eyes Asda

This one looks simple but that touch of green color and black narrow lens make it unique.

2. Dragon Eye

Halloween Horror Eye Lenses Ideas

Of course the brown coloring scheme makes it special. It just looks like an eye of a dragon

3. Meta Glass

 Halloween Marshmallow Eyes

A little bit touch of class shade makes it looks like the sugar cubes in eye.


As you can see we highlighted some of the best Halloween eye lens and make up ideas. You can follow these ideas if you want to look special on this exciting event. Some of these ideas are my personal favorite. Specially the one in the red, it looks so much spooky and scary. Your friends could easily fall for it. Simple lens look unique but if you give a little bit effect of eye makeup it would look like a charm.

4.Yellow beast.

Halloween Monster Eyes

The yellow color in the eye give it a look of a beast like Jaguar or a leopard.

5. Scary Fox

Halloween Owl Eyes

This one gives a sharp look of an angry fox.

spooky Halloween eye makeup

Halloween Bloody Eyes

Halloween Eyeballs


Halloween Glowing Eyes

Halloween Ghost Eyes




Eye makeup will boost up the look of your costume. People use different types of eye makeups to look cool and unique from others. We have shared some of the eye makeup ideas with you  so you can check which ideas people are using on this event. Some of them are for females, some of them are for male but it doesn’t really matter. It  looks like same i guess. These ideas include glitters, paint etc.

Halloween The Devil's Eyes

Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses


Scary Halloween Eyes Images

Cheap Halloween Contacts Lenses Non Prescription

Cheap Halloween Contacts

Crazy Eyes Contact Lenses Halloween

Halloween Animated Eyes

Halloween Blinking Eyes

Halloween Contact Lenses Amazon

Halloween Contact Lenses Bad For Eyes

Halloween Contact Lenses Cat Eyes

Halloween Eye Lens

Halloween Eyes For Face

Halloween Eyes



Halloween Funny Eyes

Halloween Googly Eyes On Face