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Christopher Columbus was a Portuguese explorer.Happy Columbus Day Wishes Messages & SMS, Quotes, Sayings & Slogans. In 1942 he landed on an Island near Cuba. As we know that he was a great explorer he also explored this destination which is named as Cuba these days, he named it as San Salvador.

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His main intentions was to make contact between Europe and american continent. Before this great explorer the Europeans had not idea about this land. After the great discovery the people of Europe started to settle down America. Columbus day is a national holiday . Some people think that it should not be a national holiday but to pay tribute to his all great efforts they consider it as a national holiday. Christopher Columbus was a great man and a great discoverer.

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He spend all his life to make communities for the people of earth. He is important in American history because he made some efforts for the Indian peoples to colonize them. He was very eager about it but unfortunately he failed in this mission. Although his efforts were not useless at all. It helped the American people a lot.

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