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40 Best World Kidney Day Quotes and Sayings 2022

World Kidney Day is celebrated to raise awareness among people of the importance of our kidneys to our overall health so that the frequency of kidney diseases can be reduced. World Kidney Day Quotes and Sayings play a very significant role in this regard and let you inform the world about the risks associated with kidney diseases and talk about the ways to prevent them. There are many Kidney Day quotes that act as a guide and give you the tips or healthy steps that you should take in your life to keep your kidneys healthy, strong, and protected.

Quotes On World Kidney Day

Aspects of World Kidney Day

      • The theme of World Kidney Day in 2019 is Kidney Disease & Children. Act Early to Prevent It!
      • 1 in 10 Americans will be affected by Kidney Disease.

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  • Chronic Kidney Disease is incurable and will required life-long treatment.
  • The cumulative global cost for dialysis and transplantation over the next decade is predicted to exceed US $1 trillion.
  • Kidneys play an important function in the human body by removing toxic substances and excess water from the blood stream.  This in turn effects blood pressure and chemical balance of the body.

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Quotes on Kidney Day

With the help of these sayings, you can get some information on how you should keep your kidneys healthy to keep people healthy and help them stay away from the diseases. Most of these quotes are written by those, who got affected by kidney disease in past and succeeded to fight these diseases, to encourage other people to take precautionary measures to get rid of kidney diseases and lead a healthy and happy life.

Good Kidney Slogans


I have friends who don’t even know I’m diabetic. I don’t hide it, but it’s the last thing I need to tell someone. I take my insulin with every meal and have kidney drugs twice a day, but that is, like, habit. That’s how I deal with it.

—Lucy Davis


Australia, Australia, we love you from the heart. The kidneys, the liver & the giblets too. And every other part.

— Spike Milligan

Ideas For World Kidney Day

I had no idea of the worldwide influence of it [the world’s first kidney transplant]. It expanded to other organs, multiple organs.

— Joseph E. Murray


In a manner of speaking, I can no longer hold my chemical water. I must tell you that I can make urea without the use of kidneys of any animal, be it man or dog. Ammonium cyanate is urea.

— Friedrich Wöhler

World Kidney Disease Day

Many physicians would prefer passing a small kidney stone to presenting a paper.

— Anonymous


When the patient dies the kidneys may go to the pathologist, but while he lives the urine is ours. It can provide us day by day, month by month, and year by year, with a serial story of the major events going on within the kidney.

— Thomas Addis

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“Because the symptoms of early kidney disease are easily ignored, many people can have the disease without knowing it. That’s why it is important that people with increased risk for kidney disease visit their doctor to get tested. If kidney disease is diagnosed early enough, its progression can be slowed and sometimes halted with proper treatment.”

—Dr. Adeera Levin

“Increased awareness of organ donation combined with programs like the Living Donor Paired Exchange are starting to have a positive impact for patients on the transplant wait list.

—Dr. Greg Grant

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“Kidney disease is under-recognized and incurable. Part of The Kidney Foundation’s mandate is to raise funds for critical medical and scientific research that may lead to knowledge breakthroughs that will change the future of people living with kidney disease.”

—Karen Philp

Some Inspirational and Motivational Kidney Day Quotes and Sayings can also inspire you to live with the disease if you have been already affected by that. The focus of these impactful words is to highlight the importance and role of kidneys in our lives and reduce kidney diseases that are spreading in the world.


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