50 Goodbye Quotes for Coworkers and Farewell Quotes for Seniors

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  • If you have nothing to say, just shake my hand.

  • I will not say goodbye to you! I`ll say see you soon!

  • Wait for meeting me again at the moment you`re least expecting it.

  • I`m ready to say goodbye to you but I`m not ready to hear it from you.

  • It is not forever, it is not the end. It just means that we`ll soon meet again!

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  • Don`t miss me, as soon as I say goodbye!

  • Always appreciate what you have today until it`ll go tomorrow!

  • Make the beginning an art and make the ending a greater art!

  • Say goodbye to me today and a new hello will be closer to you tomorrow.

  • Don`t confuse the beginning with the end, as each end is always before beginning.

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  • This is not goodbye. It`s only the time when we have to close the door to the past to open the door to the future.

  • Don`t hesitate to goodbye! It`s necessary for meeting again and again.

  • See only the good in every goodbye!

  • Saying goodbye to you is like saying goodbye to all the happiness of in my life.

  • This will be the most painful goodbye as it cannot be said and explained.


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