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50 Goodbye Quotes for Coworkers and Farewell Quotes for Seniors

Coworkers are very funny and charming, they are like friends to us, they will play with our work with us and enjoy almost all the pleasures of life with us. they are very unique and beautiful. a coworker helps allot his colleagues and makes work easy for them. co-workers help a lot in any other aspect of life. they will give you much more respect than other workers.

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  • If you have nothing to say, just shake my hand.

  • I will not say goodbye to you! I`ll say see you soon!

  • Wait for meeting me again at the moment you`re least expecting it.

  • I`m ready to say goodbye to you but I`m not ready to hear it from you.

  • It is not forever, it is not the end. It just means that we`ll soon meet again!

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You can also share your day and feelings with them as they are like a family to you. you can enjoy your lunch and parties with them, they are so cool. coworkers are fun. they will brighten your day with different ideas and stuff. there are many types of coworkers there, some of them are very cool and good but some of them are very bad also, as by nature there exist every type of person bad and good it depends on their nature.

Goodbye Farewell Quote

Goodbye Farewell Quotes

Goodbye Hurts

Do any of your colleagues is resigning from the job and moving to another company? If yes then you may wish to write a goodbye message or note to express your emotions for him. If that coworker is the one who made your working atmosphere fun then you should express your appreciation for him and wish him good luck. Though saying goodbye to such a worthy coworker is a bit painful, you can take help from Goodbye or Farewell Quotes for seniors and shows your respect and gratitude to him for being supportive towards you throughout his entire working period.

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  • Don`t miss me, as soon as I say goodbye!

  • Always appreciate what you have today until it`ll go tomorrow!

  • Make the beginning an art and make the ending a greater art!

  • Say goodbye to me today and a new hello will be closer to you tomorrow.

  • Don`t confuse the beginning with the end, as each end is always before beginning.


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Make sure that you choose a Farewell Quote through which you can let him or her know that his or her contributions at work had been of great significance and will be missed. You can also share Inspirational and motivational quotes with him to encourage him to perform well in his future job. You can share these goodbye quotes with him by arranging a farewell party and giving him a goodbye card with such quotes on it.

Hardest Goodbye Quote

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Say Goodbye Quote

Say Goodbye Quote

Saying Goodbye Now

  • This is not goodbye. It`s only the time when we have to close the door to the past to open the door to the future.

  • Don`t hesitate to goodbye! It`s necessary for meeting again and again.

  • See only the good in every goodbye!

  • Saying goodbye to you is like saying goodbye to all the happiness of in my life.

  • This will be the most painful goodbye as it cannot be said and explained.


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